Your “impression” is who you are at events. In some living history hobbies, you play a well known person from history. In some East-Coast WWII reenacting, you can “play” a famous general or military leader, and build your “costume” around that.

In the 352, we also ask you to “play” a character, who is “you” with the only limitation that you start as a new recruit in the 352. You will have a German name, and a history of that person up to and including when you joined the 352.
Much of this information will be kept in your Soldbuch, some of it will only be used in your “first person” conversations.
If you are unfamiliar with living history terms like “first person” we will teach you.

All new recruits start with no rank, and no awards. Based on things you do in real life, things you do in your time with the 352, and your attendance at events, you will be given some awards and rank. How much is up to you, and at what level you participate. More of this is explained in our “awards” section.

Unlike some kinds of costumed events (like renaissance fairs and LARPS) there is some serious restrictions on the KIND of “costume” you are allowed to wear. Not only do you need to look like a German soldier from 1936-1945, but you also need to specifically look like a member of OUR unit that was active from 1943 to 1945.

In some cases, we will attend other WWII events where we will NOT be playing the 352. This is of course optional for all participants. In these cases you will be using what is called your ‘secondary impression”. This is typically for WWII events where the “352” by name was not at the battle. This may require a minor costume change to a full extra uniform. In the 352 it is REQUIRED that you have your full primary impression kit together before you begin work on a “secondary impression”

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