This is a list of approved weapons for the 352,
some are regulated by rank and are only available to officers and crewed weapons teams.
Some weapons (class III) are regulated by state and federal laws, and are only available as rental items for special events.
Do not purchase any firearm without consulting a unit NCO or you are absolutely sure you know what you are getting.
Do not bring any modern firearms to an event for any reason, unless instructed to do so as a peace officer,
in which case you must bring your flat badge and peace officer ID card.
Do not bring live ammo to an event. Failure to obey this may result in your immediate termination from the unit on a first offense.


Kar 98k:

Original German, or other approved manufacture. Standard infantry rifle for Soldat. It has a 5 round internal capacity.


Submachine Gun, 32 round box magazine with pouches for 6 magazines. Carried by NCOs or specialty soldiers. Class III rental or BFONG only. No Airsoft or Marushin models of any kind.

STG 43/44:

Assault Rifle, 30 round box magazine with pouches for 6 magazines. Carried by any rank.

Class III rental only.


Crewed MGs





Mid-war heavy and medium belt fed MG. 3-5 man teams

Class III rental or semi auto models only.





Early-war Medium and Heavy belt fed MG with single fire feature. 3 to 5 man teams.

Class III rental or semi auto models only.





P-08 Luger:

Standard pistol, Early war 8 round capacity. Carried by NCOs or specialty soldiers.


Standard pistol. All war era issue. Carried by NCOs or specialty soldiers.
Original blank adapted reccomended. Most blank only replicas are flimsey and tend to jam.



specialty pistol. Carried by NCOs or specialty soldiers.

Image provided by Lance Varga” LSSAH “



Stick Grenade

Standard hand grenade. Issued throughout the war. we use rubber headed grenades, though metal models are available for your display impression.



Egg Grenade

“single hand” grenade used from 1943 on.



Smoke Grenade

Like the stick grenade, will have notches on the handle or white stripes on the
cannister to identify it from the standard frag grenades.


Improvised Anti-Tank Grenade

Any number of standard grenades bundled together to make
a super anti-tank grenade.


Splinter Ring

A fragmenting sheath put over the cannister of stick grenades to
add extra flachettes to the blast.

Captured Weapons

In very few cases it is acceptable to use captured weapons.
This should not be done without express permission from the NCOs

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